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Five reasons to buy a new build home

By September 15, 2021September 28th, 2021No Comments

When it comes to buying a home, it’s often a personal preference whether you choose a new build or existing property. However, there are many advantages to buying brand new, directly from a developer, that you may not have considered. We take a look at some of them in this blog.

A blank canvas

A big bonus when buying a new build home is that it’s a completely fresh start. As nobody has lived in the property previously you can rest assured that everything will be brand new and in working order, ready for you move in from the moment you get the keys. New build properties are usually neutrally decorated so they are much easier to adapt to suit your own style than an existing property, which may have built-in features added by previous owners that are trickier to change.

The latest features and technology

Unlike older properties, new build homes are designed to suit modern lifestyles. They’ll usually include more than one bathroom and open plan layouts, which are well suited for family life. If you’re buying a brand-new home you also know it will come with the latest modern technology, which may include smart appliances, and sufficient power sockets and USB ports to charge all of your devices.

More eco-friendly

New homes have to comply with the latest building regulations, which makes them more energy efficient than older properties. Data from Energy Performance Certificates show 80% of new homes have an A or B rating compared to 2.2% of other properties. They will be fitted with more modern, efficient boilers and appliances and have better insultation, which will also save you on heating and electricity bills.

No chain

Many of the stresses and difficulties that come with purchasing a home are caused by delays and problems with other buyers in the property chain. When you purchase a new build home directly from a developer, you don’t need to worry about waiting for the other people in your chain to complete their purchases, which means your sale is likely to go through more quickly and without any hitches.

Support for buyers

If you’re a first-time buyer, a new build home is a great option as you may be able to get financial support through the government’s Help to Buy scheme. Under the scheme the government will loan you 20% of the purchase price of your property (or 40% in London), so you’ll only need a minimum 5% deposit. The scheme is only available on new build homes, making them a popular option with first-time buyers.

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