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Why buying a new build could save you money on your energy bills

By June 23, 2022No Comments

There are many benefits to buying new build homes, not least the increased energy efficiency they offer over older properties. For many, the increasing cost of heating our homes has become a significant concern over the last year, and things look set to get worse before they get better. If you’re looking to move home soon, it is worth considering how a new build property could save you money on your energy bills.

EPC Rating

A property’s EPC rating signifies how energy efficient it is, with scores awarded from A through to G. Better ratings will generally result in cheaper bills and, while there’s currently no legal requirement for any property to meet a particular grade, recent research has found that nearly 85% of new builds are rated either A or B. The same can only be said about 2.2% of older properties.

Stricter building regulations

All construction work must comply with Building Regulations, but new builds require much higher standards to be met than work on older properties. The energy efficiency for new homes is measured by a Target Emission Rate (TER), which is based on elements including insulation, building materials, heating, lighting and windows. The minimum standards for new build homes mean they are better insulated, making them able to regulate temperate more efficiently, so they are more comfortable to live in. Not only that, new builds require less energy to heat, which saves the homeowner money on energy bills.

Sustainable building materials

The use of sustainable building materials in new build properties is undoubtedly beneficial to the environment, but it also has an impact on your energy costs. For example, timber has been proven to be far more efficient in terms of thermal performance and air tightness than traditional masonry. In fact, timber is thought to be 10 times more energy efficient than concrete and 400 times more than steel – two materials which are commonly used in the construction of older homes.

Modern features and appliances

Whether it’s the radiators in your living room or the cooker in your kitchen, virtually every room in the house includes some sort of electrical appliance. These are always being updated and improved by manufacturers to not only enhance functionality, but also increase their energy efficiency. With a new build home, you can be sure it will be equipped with the most up-to-date appliances, utilising the latest technology to meet all your day-to-day requirements while also keeping energy usage minimal.

Some new builds also include low-carbon and low-cost ways of generating energy for your home, including solar panels and heat pumps, or clever features which prevent you from having to use as much energy – i.e. large windows and skylights can provide plenty of natural light, saving you from switching on the lights during the day.

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